I’m really not sure what it says about things that a post which contains little more than a half-formed plea to look at science critically has over 4,000 notes now, split between agreement and outrage.

The agreement tells me that we need to teach people to question science even before we teach them the conclusions it has reached. Science has no authority, it should never work on authority. It should never be a rare surprise for anyone to point out that science is full of mistakes and biases and holes, because it is the honest truth. And what should be taken from it is not the idea that it should be ignored, but that we need your help to keep building our knowledge and correcting our mistakes.

The outrage tells me that too many people rely on the cultural authority of science to shut down diversity of thought. They are it’s greatest enemy. They love to complain about the authorities who tortured Galileo, but they are those exact kind of people, clinging so desperately onto the ideology that justifies their power that they get angry at people questioning its foundations.

And finally, the people pointing out I made, like, two hundred factual mistakes in that post make me both slightly embarrassed and happy.